Heating Copper Carbonate with S3


R, E & N measured the mass of some copper carbonate in a test tube.

They then heated the copper carbonate, which gave off carbon dioxide gas.

When they reweighed the test tube the mass had decreased as carbon and oxygen atoms have left the test tube as carbon dioxide gas.



Stop motion class

Stop MotionSome of our senior phase pupils have been learning about stop motion animation. After a wee introduction they produced some great first attempts which can be seen on our YouTube channel – click here. This week we will will start on a larger project. Watch this space for more videos……….

Update…………preparing to  get creative. Getting into the right frame of mind to start creating our story boards for our larger project.IMG_0367


S3 Science

imageR burning magnesium to show conservation of mass. The magnesium was weighed before burning and after burning. The mass had increased after burning. Why?