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N5 Biology – Comparing energy from foods

To compare the chemical energy in different foods we weight out the food (so that we can make a fair comparison.

Then we use a Bunsen burner to set the food on fire. The chemical energy changes into heat energy.

We then use the burning food to heat up water. We measure the increase in temperature.

The increase in temperature of the water allows us to work out how much energy the food has transferred to the water.

Evaluation – There were a few problems with this experiment.

  • As some heat is lost (a lot) to the surroundings, our energy values were low.
  • Food did not stay on fire and did not burn completely (incomplete combustion).
  • Supplying heat energy from Bunsen would raise energy value found.

A calorimeter could be used to overcome these problems. It has a good oxygen supply and the food is surrounded by water and then insulation.

S3 Science – Investigating friction

Today we were investigating mass and friction.


We varied the mass of our ‘boat’ and measured the force required to pull it along the bench at a constant speed.


This size of this force was equal to the friction between the ‘boat’ and the bench.


It was important that we repeated the experiment to make sure our results were reliable.

Here are graphs of some of our results……